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HEARTRescued Animals Awaiting Homes Now

Call Gill on 0117 382 4351 or email if you can offer homes for these animals

HEART was formed in 1996 and is based in the Bristol area.

Our aim is to find secure new homes for animals that have been abandoned or whose owners can no longer care for them. We help dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats and many other animals throughout the South West and South Wales. Find out more about HEART.

Scroll down to view just a selection of the animals that are currently awaiting new homes; the situation is changing day by day. If you do not see the companion for you please contact us as we may have just what you’re looking for waiting to come in.

Special Request

Heart has two cats who due to being a little anti social are looking for outdoor homes such as a stable yard or small holding where they can do their own thing whilst still being cared for. They are both neutered males but are not buddies so do not need to go together.


Sky is 9 years old and is having a sad and lonely time since losing her beloved owner.

It would be lovely to make Sky happy again, she is looking for a quiet home with one or two adults only, though a good natured dog she is not used to living with children or other animals and we think it best if her lifestyle is similar to what she is used to.

Sky also needs a secure garden, she is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Jack & Popeye

Jack and Popeye are 11 month old brothers who are closely attached to each other so would love to stay together. They may be a little nervous to start with but will soon settle and their loving, friendly natures will emerge.

Jack and Popeye are great fun to have around and like to be involved in whatever you are doing, they are not used to very young children and would probably benefit from being the only pets, as always they must live away from busy roads.


Matey is a 10 year old terrier mix, his owner has become to ill to care for him so he is looking for a similar new home which should be quiet and calm, he is used to a one to one with an older person and has been a great companion for many years.

Matey is currently living in Birmingham where sadly his owners family have been told by local rescue that Matey is too old to rehome which is nonsense, this lovely boy should have many more years left in him and the family are more than happy to do all the driving.

Matey will also need a home with a secure garden and he does not like other dogs or cats.


Midnight is a little black rabbit who is just under a year old. He is looking for an experienced home as he has not had a good time so far and needs to be handled very patiently.

Midnight has never set foot on a blade of grass so his new home must be able to provide a safe and secure area where he can run about, graze and just do bunny things.

Shandy and Sherry

In need of a special home are two female tabbies, Shandy is only about 12 months old and is possibly the mother of Sherry who is about 6 months old.

They were living rough together so are very nervous of people, especially Sherry, Shandy is a little more confident.

They were not in good condition, poor Shandy had a very bad eye infection which was too far gone to be treated and she had to have her eye removed, because of this she will need to go to an area practically free from traffic and to be kept indoors at critical times, eg overnight, as she will be at a disadvantage.

Both girls will need a long time indoors to start with to make sure they are happy and settled, they will need a very quiet home, no other pets or children, so they can concentrate on getting to know you with no distractions.

Shandy and Sherry will need people who are kind and patient and totally committed to giving them a happy life.

Bonnie and Benny

Bonnie and Benny are brother and sister and are about 4 years old, they would obviously love to stay together. They are a loving and affectionate pair who would benefit from being the only pets. Bonnie and Benny need to live in a quiet area away from busy roads, they are not used to young children.


Thelma is about 18 months old and was abandoned when her owners moved. Once you get to know Thelma she is friendly but her past has made her very shy and she will take a take a little time to become the loving little girl her foster mum knows.

Thelma will need a quiet home where she can get used to her new situation slowly and eventually blossom and start enjoying her new life.

Call Gill on 0117 382 4351 or email if you can offer homes for these animals

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